I will criticize them until they can understand the following: ….

With this murderer, usurper, illegal, undocumented, drug trafficker, ignorant and puppet of the narc-dictatorship Castro … no «there is possible dialogue»….
However, I have to applaud your resolution to start sanctioning leaders of the dictatorial regime, but … not to allow them to mobilize their stolen capitals to our nation to «tax havens» like Russia and China … that has no justification whatsoever ., because they are doing the same as with the Nazis’ flight in the «Second World War», only this time it is from South America to the Eastern Europe ….
Gentlemen, punish the guilty although a little late (18 years) is very good, but unfortunately once again it seems that the sanctions that you want to apply are too selective, and soft … allow me to help you remember a little .. … we Venezuelans want, «that the guilty be persecuted» (all) … as Israel did, that they be punished with the maximum penalties cumulative, to those who «have ruined the richest nation» (in all senses) of this land, and to those who have divided the most communicative and open society of all Latin America, …


With these 2 paintings I humbly and within my possibilities, try to refresh your memory a bit and try to collaborate with my bit to solve the problems of My Homeland … I am aware that «they are not all they are, not all of them are. «, but let me tell you that although this little writing may not be taken into account by any of you, the relief I have had in doing it gives me the feeling of being my own hero of the «RESISTANCE DE VENEZUELA ….
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